off the beaten treks Code #19
Duration 19D/18N
Country Nepal
Max Altitude


This is the ultimate trek – around the whole of the Dhaulagiri range (9 peaks over 7000m), 5 passes over 4500m, through high-altitude wilderness into trans-Himalayan desert and remote untouched villages of Dolpo. Your jaw will be locked open at the breath-taking scale of the Himalayas. Highest pass 5500m.


Day 1 - Pokhara-Dharapani(1560m)

From Pokhara take a bus to Beni (3 hours) on the Kali Gandaki/Jomosom road. From Beni catch a local bus up the Myagdi Khola river to Darbang (2 hours). Buses for Darbang leave from the western edge of Beni beside a road bridge over the Myagdi Khola. There are several every day; share taxis are also available (double the price, half the time). This is a bumpy dusty ride, sometimes teetering on the edge of landslides and precipices. If this doesn’t appeal, it is also possible to walk from Beni to Darbang (6 hours). It is a verdant scenic valley, strung with small hamlets, The original walking trail still remains in most places, though here and there you will have to walk on the dusty motor track.After darbang 1:45 hrs of walk to Dharapani

Continue on the jeep track – it is dusty or muddy in a few places but little traffic except for mule trains and there are stunning views of the Dhaulagiri range to compensate. It passes through woodland interspersed with terraced fields, where you will see villagers busy with different tasks depending on the agricultural season – ploughing, planting, harvesting, or threshing.It take 7hrs walk to lulang.

There is no habitation between Lulang and Gurja Khani except for a rudimentary teashop at The Pass, so it is wise to eat something before starting and carry some snacks. around 8hrs to gurja khani.

we will be staying at village for a day for side scene and if you visit in November after the harvest is in, you may think you have arrived at an animal park as you walk the final 15 minutes to the village, for these fields will be covered with thousands of sheep, goats, cows and buffaloes, guarded by large but friendly sheepdogs, all of them wearing bells, including the dogs. As evening approaches a tremendous bleating and ringing arises as lambs that are penned call out to their mothers returning from grazing. Shepherds in homespun jackets wander around checking that animals are safe, and relocating those which have turned up at the wrong address.

After Brake fast we will star our trek. Phaleghar is a beautiful place with awesome views. It takes 5hrs to reach phaleghar phedi .

Phaleghar Phedi to Phaleghar Pass (4075m) to Kape Kh (3650m) to Nauri. Camp (4080m). 8hrs walk

After brake fast we will start our trek from Nauri to 3 lakes/3 passes (4350m; 4460m 4550m) to Dokari Kh. (3600m) Camp. It takes 8hrs.

After Brake fast we will start our trek from Dokari Khola to Gurghat (4010m) passing through (nameless) Pass (4020m) to Lamsar Khola (3860m) to Lamsar Pass (4520m). 6hrs of walk to Gurjaghat.

After Brake fast we will strat our trek to Purbang. We will pass panidal pass (4520m in our way to purbang. 7-8hrs of walk.

After brake fast we will start our trek to Lower dolpa passing jangla pass94550m). We can find local lodge there. 7-8hrs of walk.

Morning R & R in Tarakot. Afternoon stroll to Laisicap (2600m). 2hrs of walk.

After Brake fast we will start our trek to Bharbung Khola. 6hrs of walk.

After brake fast we will start our trek to Seri. 8hrs of walk.

After Brake fast we will start our trek to Dhadgaon.8hrs of walk.

After Brake fast we will start our trek to chharke. 5-6hrs of walk .

We will taking rest at chharka for a day. visit beautiful village and the Bon Monastery in Chharka.

After Brake fast we start our trek to Nulungsumda Kharka .Today the trail goes through the arid high land. There are some up hills on the way. We trek up to Norbulung and have a night camp there.

After Brake fast we will star our trek. From Nulungsumda ascending trail takes us to the pass Niwas La. Crossing the pass the trail we again proceed towards another pass Jungbenla then the trail goes down hill up to Ghaldang Ghuldung, where we make the night stop.

After Brake fast we will start our trek to lower mustang kagbeni.Kagbeni is a village in the Mustang of the Himalayas, in Nepal, located in the valley of the Kali Gandaki River.

Return by bus (8-10 hrs) or flight to Pokhara. 36min from kagbeni to jomsom and from jomsom fly to pokhara.

Package Hightlight

Breathtaking view of mt.dhaulagiri, beautiful villages and locals, peaceful environment 


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